The Boundless Homeschool and the purpose of this blog

When I hear, or read, the word boundless, the first thing that comes to my mind is the phrase, “anything is possible”.  The actual definition is, ‘having no boundaries’.  Endless, limitless, immeasurable…the list goes on.  That is exactly what I hope to teach my boys as I homeschool them; learning is infinite.  As their teacher, and especially as their mother, I want to support endless opportunities for my boys to learn about and engage the world around them.

That is my goal.  But I have an issue.  I’m not one of those established homeschool mom bloggers out there with years of experience and advise to share.  I only have a few years of tot-school and preschool experience.  That is exactly why I am starting this blog.

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent researching and learning about homeschool.  I’ve been researching for years.  As I’ve been reading, blogs especially, it’s really hard to find where people shared their ‘newbie’ experiences.  What they did on their first day, or their feelings and thoughts as they were experiencing it.  Sometimes I was able to dig through a blog long enough to find the beginnings, but at that point much of the advice that was shared was outdated, and not relevant anymore.

So, here I am.  My oldest son is starting his first legal (read: notifying the county our family is homeschooling) year this fall, kindergarten.  My youngest is doing preschool work.  I am going to share with you what I know…but mostly, what I LEARN.  This blog will be for those of you who are just starting out on your homeschool journey, as well.  We can work together, and create a little community.  Homeschooling is hard, if I can help anyone in any little way, I will be thrilled.  I have big plans for this blog.  So stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “The Boundless Homeschool and the purpose of this blog”

  1. Expect excellence and success, and you will find it. Three key institutions that shape a child are the home, the church and the school. Children are served best when all three institutions point them in the same direction. Only an education that has the liberty to address the whole child — social, intellectual, emotional, physical AND spiritual — reaches the possibility of excellence. God has a lot to say about educating our children. DEUTERONOMY 11:18-21 may be a GREAT school slogan for you. Congratulations on your new website.

    1. That is very beautifully written! You always know the perfect things to say. And I absolutely agree. I think I will write that verse on a frame and hang it in the school room! Thank you!

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