{Free Printable} Egg Letter Matching

Egg Letter Matching Free Printable

I promise I have other posts planned that involve more than a printable.  I’ve just been so ‘on-the-go’ lately that making printables have been sort of, relaxing?  I’m also making them for my boys, and I figure I might as well share them with you.  I will be writing a post about Classical Conversations, soon.

In the meantime, I want to share the Egg Letter Matching cards I created for Wesley.  They’re not perfect, because I literally made them in a spur of the moment.  He’s working on learning all of his lowercase letters right now, and with Easter coming up soon, I wanted to create something that was themed a little bit.

He likes these a lot.  I was worried he would just look at the colors to determine the matching egg, but he is actually focusing on the letter at the moment.  I may have to create another set with just one or two colors down the road.

Egg Letter Matching


{Free Printable}- Preschool Measurement Clip Cards

Free Measurement Clip Cards- The Boundless Homeschool

Measurement Clip Cards Pre-K

More Printables!

Yes, I really do enjoy making these!  There are two more preschool aged printables coming, and a pre-k/kinder aged printable on it’s way.  I love creating these for my boys, and it makes my heart so happy to see others using them, too!

Free Measurement Clip Cards

I wanted to make some more clip cards for Wesley. He’s starting to become interested in math (he tries to join in while Tanner works on his Math-U-See curriculum), so I created these measurement cards.  He looks at the image, and measures how long it is by counting the blocks.

Measurement Clip Card

If you’ve read my Tot-School post, you know I like having trays and bins set up so the activities are easily accessible.  The clip cards are small, and Wes will play with them often throughout the day, if I make them available to him.  He was a bit tired of using the actual clothespins the past couple of days, so we decided to make little balls of playdoh to squish onto the correct answer.  Even though this was much too easy for Tanner, he wanted to join in as well.

Measurement Card activity

Click below for the free download.  And stay tuned, there will be more preschool math cards coming soon.

Measurement Clip Cards (Preschool)



{Free Printable} Animal Counting Clip Cards

Free Printable- Animal Counting Clip Cards

I have always loved using clip cards in our homeschool preschool.  It is a great way to implement a little fine motor practice into an activity.  And these animals!  They’re so cute!

Free Animal Counting Clip Cards

Don’t worry if you don’t have any/enough clothespins.  You can always use little balls of playdoh to push onto the correct answer, or use a manipulative to cover up the number.  Or, just let your child use their finger to point.

Animal Counting Clip Cards

I’ve created two sets of the animal counting clip cards.  One is in color, and one is black and white, to help save on printer ink.  I hope your children loves these as much as mine do!

Happy preschooler

Animal Counting Clip Cards (Color)

Animal Counting Clip Cards (Black and White)


{FREE Printable} Playdoh Mats- letters, numbers, & shapes

Free Playdoh Mats- Letters, numbers, shapes

Learning while playing, what could be better?

Number 20 Playdoh Mat

I am a big fan of play based learning.  Although I’ve “done school” with my kids since they were very small, it was never a strict sit-down type of learning.  It’s fun for the kids, and for me!

Preschooler playing with playdoh mats

Preschooler playing with playdoh mat

My boys love playdoh.  Homemade, store bought, food based, it doesn’t matter.  Playdoh mats were always one of my favorites to use when I first started totschool with both boys.  It’s so easy. Just print them out, laminate them (or place them in a plastic page protector), and you’re done! We also use them with dry erase markers (in the page protectors), to work on fine motor writing skills, and sometimes my boys will just use crayons and markers to color them.


I’ve created 3 sets of {FREE} playdoh mats: letters, numbers, and shapes.  I hope you enjoy!

Playdoh Mats- Letters

Playdoh Mats- Numbers

Playdoh Mats- Shapes