{FREE Printable} Capital Letter Mazes

Free Capital Letter Mazes

I’ve used letter mazes for a couple years.  It was something Tanner enjoyed doing in his homeschool preschool lessons, but it wasn’t something he loved.  I didn’t start using them until our second year of preschool when Tanner was 4.

Capital Letter B Maze

Lately the boys have requested to watch the ‘Minion’ movies (Despicable Me 1 and 2, and Minions).  Everyday during free time.  So I found a printable unit activity from 1+1+1=1 that was all minion themed.  Wesley loved the entire unit.  But the page he continued to go back to, over and over, was the letter maze.  He did it close to 10 times back to back.  Forward and backward.  I immediately knew I needed to create my own letter mazes for him, A through Z. This is such a great activity for fine motor skills, and pencil grip and control.  Wesley still has a way to go with working on his grip, but he’s trying.  Watching his brother “do school” for all his life has really motivated him to join in! He’s so happy to be old enough now.

Capital Letter B Maze - The Boundless Homeschool

When I showed the pages to him this morning, he was so excited!  He wanted to do every single one.  After trying to contain the pages on the desk for him to redo, I decided to throw them all into a 3-ring binder.  He is currently carrying it around with him, and doing a page here and there in between playing with his brother.

Free Letter Mazes - The Boundless Homeschool

I will be creating lowercase letter mazes and number mazes to add to these capital letter mazes soon! I’m really enjoying creating printables, so if there is anything you’d like to see, let me know!  I have plans for quite a few new things!

I hope you enjoy! Please, if you print these out, take pictures! I would LOVE to see them in action!

Download here: Capital Letter Mazes