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Pinterest Tuesday- Make your own moldable sand

Make Your Own Moldable Sand- The Boundless Homeschool

For this week’s Pinterest Tuesday, we made moldable sand!

We live in Florida.  The boys love going to the beach and building castles and rivers in the sand.  But we still have to drive an hour to go to a nice beach with nice sand.  Making a little bin of moldable sand so we could make castles at home sounded like a great idea!

Make your own moldable sand

I took some sand from the beach the last time we visited.  I probably could have just gathered the sand from my car and garage. We seem to always bring most of the beach home with us.

Moldable sand and cup

There are many different recipes out there that you can use.  Shaving cream, corn starch, water, and dish soap are some of the ingredients I read about. I decided to pick the recipe that used flour and vegetable oil.  Mostly because it keeps, and you don’t have to add water each time you want to play with it.

Scooping Moldable Sand

The recipe:

1- 5 cups of play sand (I used beach sand)

2- 3 cups flour

3- 1 cup vegetable oil

Mix the ingredients in a bin.  Stir together until all the lumps and bumps break up.  If it doesn’t feel moldable, add 1/4 cup of oil at a time until it reaches a moldable consistency.  Store in an air-tight container. 

Squishing Moldable sand

I had enough ingredients so I doubled the recipe.  I also figured most of the sand would end up on the ground (I was right), so why not make a little extra. I’m wondering how the recipe would have turned out if I used regular play sand you buy from the store, because the beach sand was already fairly moldable to begin with.

Moldable Sand

The recipe worked.  The sand was moldable, and the boys were able to build a few little buildings and houses (even a sand snowman).  Unfortunately it was such a hot day that it was almost unbearable to play outside.  And it’s not quite as much fun playing in the sand when you don’t have salt water to jump in when you need to cool off.  So we didn’t play with it for a terribly long time.  But, it does keep, and we will be able to play with it more when the summer ends.

***UPDATE:  A few months later, I opened our container of moldable sand, and it had molded!  It may be because I used sand from the actual beach vs store bought play sand.***

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