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{Free Printable} Beginning Sounds Matching Game

{Free Printable} Beginning Sounds Matching Gamefeatured

Learning letter sounds is a popular activity in our house these days.  I’m in no rush for Wesley to read, but he is wanting to learn more.  He points to various words he sees throughout the day and pretends to read them.  So I’ve been slowly teaching him his letter sounds, because once again, I’m Read more

{Free Printable} Dino Dice Math Cards

{Free Printable} Dino Dice Math Cardsfeatured

A couple years ago, when Tanner was just starting to learn about addition, I downloaded free dice cards.  They had a little picture of a pumpkin and dice on them.  We loved those cards.  And it was hard to pack them away once the Autumn season was over.  So once I began creating my own Read more

{Free Printable} Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

{Free Printable} Beginning Sounds Clip Cardsfeatured

I am still having trouble believing Wesley is old enough to start learning his letter sounds.  He has been wanting to do more and more school lately.  I don’t blame him, he has grown up watching his brother learn, and now it’s his turn! He was going through a clothespin/clip card phase so I created Read more

{Free Printable} Egg Letter Matching

{Free Printable} Egg Letter Matchingfeatured

I promise I have other posts planned that involve more than a printable.  I’ve just been so ‘on-the-go’ lately that making printables have been sort of, relaxing?  I’m also making them for my boys, and I figure I might as well share them with you.  I will be writing a post about Classical Conversations, soon. Read more

{Free Printable} Animal Counting Clip Cards

{Free Printable} Animal Counting Clip Cardsfeatured

I have always loved using clip cards in our homeschool preschool.  It is a great way to implement a little fine motor practice into an activity.  And these animals!  They’re so cute! Don’t worry if you don’t have any/enough clothespins.  You can always use little balls of playdoh to push onto the correct answer, or Read more

{FREE Printable} Capital Letter Mazes

{FREE Printable} Capital Letter Mazesfeatured

I’ve used letter mazes for a couple years.  It was something Tanner enjoyed doing in his homeschool preschool lessons, but it wasn’t something he loved.  I didn’t start using them until our second year of preschool when Tanner was 4. Lately the boys have requested to watch the ‘Minion’ movies (Despicable Me 1 and 2, Read more